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Unearthed Women  Feminist City Guide to Mexico City

Dame Traveler Top 10 Reasons to Visit Mexico City

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Dame Traveler Where’s Your Boyfriend? How to Handle Micro-aggressions Toward Female Travelers.

Getting Stamped Travel Blog   Best Beer Gardens in Prague

Getting Stamped Travel Blog Prague Nightlife

Getting Stamped Travel Blog Everything You Need to Eat in Prague

Getting Stamped Travel Blog Prague’s Hidden Gems

Strangers Abroad How to Be a Solo Female Traveler in Toronto

Strangers Abroad How to Fall in Love with Portland, Maine

Strangers Abroad Traveling in the Trump Era

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A World to Travel: Guest Post    Top Reasons to Explore Arequipa, Peru

The Fake Magazine: Guest Writer Blue Hearted Glutton

MSC Gerber Photography: Guest Writer Best Parks in Mexico City

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