Is it hard for you to sleep because you have so many ideas in your head? You are SO excited to get your ideas out that they keep you up at night?

Then when the time comes to put them to paper, you’re stuck.

You’re like, “Where did all that mania go? I thought I was going to be a writing queen today, and instead, I’m chipping away at my cuticles until they bleed.”

I used to feel that way.

I longed to get into a flow state, an optimal mental zone to be creative.

Somedays I had it. Would get into a tunnel zone and knock out a whole essay. 

 On other days, I was too easily distracted by email, furiously hitting the refresh button to further avoid my writing. 

 But my love of human psychology prompted me to research what creativity, motivation, and habit were so I could be in control of them. 

Was there a way to jumpstart my creativity and get myself into a state of flow, guaranteed? 

Duh, of course, there is. 

We live in a #lifehack world. 

At the end of the day, I would have to put in the work. So I experimented with different processes until I found the routine that worked for me. 

Now, I know the EXACT process that gets me into an ideal state of flow. 

Ok, so you hacked your creativity? What gives you the audacity to teach it to others?

I realized the process wasn’t so much my need to improve my writing but a need to understand my psychology and energy levels. Fortunately, my psychology degree gave me a good baseline to begin accurately studying creative processes. 

Additionally, I have been coaching teens for years. I was a tutor for the past three years of my life. As much as I despised talking about the SAT, I did enjoy the strategy and coaching aspects. I loved being able to analyze a students process and see what kind of learner they were. As a storyteller, I have to know my audience, and I would explain each strategy uniquely, depending on the needs of my students and in a way that didn’t feel like I was forcing them to LOVE the SAT ( trust me, teens hate anything they are told to enjoy). 

I process and enthusiasm helped my students jump anywhere from 100-500 points ( which is a feat! especially with all of those hormones getting in the way). 

 Now I want to coach what I’m genuinely passionate about. I love helping people create more. I want to help generate more complex and unique ideas to the world.  

Being creative is one of the beautiful accidents of being human. It separates us from animals and allows us to create purpose. 

Why would you not want to access it more?

That’s where I come in. If you need an outside perspective or are looking to jumpstart your creativity, I’m your spark. 


The Process 

You and I will have an initial conversation where we discuss your talents, current process, and goals. We will set up a consistent time for us to talk. Trust me, consistency is key here. 

There are two parts to this process: your goals and your creative habits. 


Want to start an album? Need to finish that novel? 

Together, we write out your goals and work backward with deadlines and marker points. You will walk away with a game plan that gives you direction and tells you exactly what to do and when. 

Creative Habits

In our first conversation, I will ask you a series of in-depth questions to get to the root of your blockage. We will go through times in your life where you have felt most and least creative to find a way to dig into the stagnant well of creativity within you. 

Then begins the experiments. Don’t worry, they aren’t invasive. We will begin to tinker with your creative process. I will poke and prod to find what has worked for you in the past. I will then make creative suggestions for you to try out until we find what sticks. 

Each week we will check in on your progress and what is/isn’t working for you. 

We will discover what kind of a creative you are and how to find the motivation and discipline to sit down and commit to your work. 

I do six weeks, three months, or six-month contracts. 

Ideally, I want to put myself out of a job. I want to give you the tools and help create the habits so you can flourish on your own and create what you do best. 

If you are looking for someone who is painfully optimistic during a sometimes torturous process ( I thought art was supposed to be fun). I am your gal! 

Schedule a call here. 


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