Strangers Abroad is a series of conversations Adrien Behn had with strangers she met while backpacking throughout Latin America. These conversations overlap with her personal stories about being a woman who travels alone.

Adrien interviews fellow travelers, volunteers, couchsurfers, locals, mountain climbers, hitchhikers, and everyone in-between who have decided to take their lives in an unconventional direction.

Strangers Abroad’s overarching purpose is to encourage all people to go out and travel farther around the world and within themselves, in addition to analyzing the social and psychological effects of travel.

With each stranger interviewed, Strangers Abroad aims to explore the shifts in identity, sexuality, privilege, self-growth, and observations of how the world functions: how does your perception of femininity shift when you don’t wear makeup for 3 months, or decide to date someone who doesn’t speak the same language, or what travel provides to people that the comforts of home cannot. These questions and more are some of the areas Strangers Abroad investigates and shares through narrative storytelling.

You can check out the Strangers Abroad website to find all the episodes and get bonus content on the podcast. You can also follow Strangers Abroad Soundcloud or download and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spoke to get updated on new episodes or re-listen to your favorites.

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