Hello there!

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If you have found yourself gazing upon this lovely website then you are probably looking for a few things.

  1. How to become a better storyteller.
  2. How to become part of a creative community.
  3. How to find clarity and direction in your creative process.
  4. And who is Adrien Behn?

First a li’l bit about me:

I am a triple threat of a storyteller.

I write, podcast, and perform stories live on stage. If you are interested in becoming a triple threat ( no I won’t be teaching you how to time-step) then this is the place for you!

Take a look around because there is a lot to see here. I have a wide variety of services to offer from storytelling workshops, women only writing groups, or corporate podcasts; I am here to help you with all of your storytelling needs, wants, dreams, and desires.

This is also a space to get messy. The creative path is a sticky one, and I aspire to create a space where people can be honest and flesh out ideas as they arise.

I encourage editing, fuck-ups, slip-ups, and being honest. I encourage you to be loud, to be fearful and still take risks; to push past resistance and articulate the creative ideas you were embarrassed to say.

I also encourage you to be mindful and kind and aspire to grow. I want to help ignite the self-actualization process for you and your fellow storytellers ( cuz we all want to be better humans, right?).

This space is made so people can be honest and work through their stories because none of us live in fairytales.

This space is made for people who are uncertain of what they want to say and need to test it out.

This space is messy, and this space is made for you.