Welcome. I’m so happy you could make it.¬†

Adrien Behn is a triple threat storyteller. She writes for the stage, the page, and podcasts. ( Not for nothing, she can also do a mean time step).

In 2015, she started her narrative travel podcast Strangers Abroad with nothing more than a backpack and a broken iPad. She documented all of the kindness, wisdom, and stories she experienced while vagabonding as a solo female traveler.

Through storytelling, scoring, and immersive sound design, Strangers Abroad inspires listeners to travel consciously, ethically, and as much as possible during the small amount of time they are given on this planet. She aspires to go to every country before she dies. With western medicine, she has plenty of time.

Adrien has also worked on shows such as Slow Burn bonus episode series, part of the Best Apple Podcast of the Year Award series, NavalX, and the fourth season of Decisions Points.

She performs on stage regularly in her home of New York City. Her face was once in the New York Times, caught telling the first time she got her period. Also, one time, she made a man pass out from a story she told at RISK!

She loves writing travel guides for online publications and print.

You can email her at adrien.behn[at]gmail[dot]com

or strangersabroadpod[at]gmail[dot]com