If you and your association are looking to hire a workshop leader around the topics of storytelling, podcasting, writing, or live performance than look no further! Below is a selection of speech topics and workshops that I can provide to your organization. 


How to Create a Story

Everyone has great stories to share but not everyone has the talent or skill to express them in a captivating way. We all hate getting trapped into hearing stories that drone on without a point and leave you questioning your relationship with this person. Don’t be that person. Learn the tools and techniques to tell magnetizing stories from your life or stories you create and gain the reputation of a great storyteller.

With this workshop, you and your group will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, story structure, and how to write, edit, and perform your own stories through the written word, live performance, or podcasting.

How to Build Confidence on Stage

What is the number one human fear? Public speaking! Not even snakes ( fuck snakes) make it to the top fear list ( something about them not having legs….). But talking to a group of people?!

I admit I love being on stage; it is where I am my most comfortable ( I love it more than my bed) and grew up doing theater. Those skills have transferred quite nicely to doing storytelling and podcasting. However, I completely empathize with how being on stage is not as comfortable as people’s couches and it is way easier, and safer, to just stay sitting instead of sharing your thoughts in front of a group of strangers ( I still don’t see how that part is scary).

However, if you want to overcome your fear of public speaking and help writing your thoughts into a cohesive and captivating speech then sign up for our public speaking workshop!

We will work the three Ps: polish, practice, and perfect.

  1. We will polish and organize all of your thoughts, break down your target audience and how to connect with them in order to help you create a well-thought out and meaningful speech.
  2. Next, we will practice your speech in front of different size of audiences to test your performance skills, how to maintain their attention, and get you comfortable on stage.
  3. The processing of polishing and practicing is like shaking up a cocktail until it is well mixed, making it perfect.

You will be given weekly homework to keep you on track and motivated to get up on stage. We can work one-on-one or in small groups for more collaborative work.

You will conquer your fears of rejection, expectations, how to speak confidently ( and no it’s not just shouting louder), and shake off those stage-fright jitters! If you want a safe space to practice, polish, and perfect then sign up for this workshop!

How to Educate Through Storytelling

There are major issues in the world that have attention but aren’t getting the response they need. How can we influence change around imperative issues like climate change, sexual assault, or political corruption?

Would you and your organization like to inspire actionable change around your fundamental cause?  Are you showing lists or anecdotes that are powerful, but not generating a real response? Do you want to build more of a community, raise more money, or spread your message farther? We can do that with storytelling.

Storytelling puts people in an emotionally engaging state that makes them more receptive to hearing messages. Humans have always learned through stories, not lists or statistics. With storytelling, we can magnetize people to your cause and have them feel the issues at hand instead of seeing a list of meaningless numbers.

In this workshop, you and your organization will learn how to embed your motives and message into a magnetizing story that will have your audience feeling more connected to the issue at hand. You will learn how to use the tools of storytelling to


How to Create Your Own Podcast Without a Headache 

Podcasting is HOT right now, and it has never been easier to create your own podcast. I’m sure you have a GREAT idea that no one has done yet ( interviewing barnyard animals about the refugee crisis- just spitballing here), but if the whole process seems a little overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, what equipment to invest in or would like an ear to bend, I’M HERE.



I started my first podcast on a broken Ipad while backpacking and had NO IDEA AS TO WHAT I WAS DOING. It took me THREE YEARS to complete my first season of Strangers Abroad, which was three years of interviewing, recording, reinterviewing, rerecording, learning audio software, writing, rewriting, networking, rerecording, then promoting, promoting, promoting, and promoting.

I learned a ton during that time, the biggest being I never want anyone to go through that process and struggle the way I did.

If you are aching to start your own podcast and would like someone to help guide you through the frustrating fledgling first steps of creating it then sign up for my Create Your Own Podcast Without the Headache course.

You will learn the basics of podcasting, what equipment to invest in ( without breaking the bank), how to create quality and addictive content.


Corporate Podcasting

Would you like to have your employees feel connected to the message or origin story behind your company? Do you want to give all the rules and regulations to new employees in a way that won’t put them to sleep? Or would like to create an internal podcast to help foster community culture? Maybe your group is putting on a live event and would like to record it for current and future employees? Maybe you want to share the origin story of your company and tell the tail to new employees of how it all got started.

I want to help you create a cohesive community with your company ( and if you looked over my Science of Podcasting speech), and we can use the science and psychology of podcasting to do so.

I will help you flesh out your central goals and message and transfer your message into an effective and engaging podcast for your startup, business, or corporate organization to create that tight-knit, family feel you desire.

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