Public Speaking

If you and your association are looking to hire a speaker around the topics of storytelling, travel, and identity issues than look no further! Below is a selection of speech topics and workshops that I can provide to your organization.

Speech Topics 

In Defense of Strangers

There is a myth that says strangers are dangerous and should not be trusted. However, after traveling to 30 countries as a solo female traveler and willingly slept on strangers couches ( with my passport in the OTHER room), I have found more benevolence than malice in my travels across the globe. By opening myself up to strangers, I felt more connected to the world because I was communicating with those who were different than me and finding the common denominator of humankind.

The problem is that humans have a tenacious instinct to be tribal and we are living in a culture that is profiting off of that idea, keeping us separated from one another.

What we aren’t told are the plethora of social and psychological benefits that arise from talking to strangers. Interacting with those who are different than you will expand your perceptions, beliefs, and limitations about yourself and the way that the world works.  Interacting with strangers inspires tremendous self-growth, fosters community, and eradicates prejudice.

This talk encorages and shows the actionable steps to talk to strangers and diversify your friendship portfolio.

The Evolution of Storytelling

Storytelling has ancient roots that have helped us become the apex species. Let’s use that archaic knowledge to discover how to tap into the human mind and spread your message farther and faster.

Sexual Assualt Through Storytelling: How to Connect, Influence, and Change Rape Culture Through Storytelling

Rape culture, sexual assault, and the #metoo movement is still an intense topic to discuss across all genders; however, experiences expressed through storytelling may soften the blow. Storytelling can transmit a message in a non-threatening way, allowing the audience to connect with your message instead of turn off. I will discuss what elements of storytelling can be utilized to help you breach taboo topics across diverse and opposing-minded audiences and have everyone in the room resonate with your message.

Woman on the Road: Traveling Solo in a World that Doesn’t Welcome Women

Women are discouraged from traveling alone. We are advised to take a male companion and still have our handheld while going abroad. However, the lurking dangers of traveling abroad alone might not always look so different from those at home.What might be in actual jeopardy is a generation of women not living a daring and authentic life.

Let’s discuss the real risks of women traveling abroad, without the hyperbole, and encourage the next generation of women to say hello to the world that might not always wave back and teach women how to persevere regardless of how the world perceives them.

On Being Directionless/ The Importance of Self-Experimentation/ The Importance of Traveling Abroad While Young

Problem: We are told a story that we have to go to college, get a degree, get a job in said degree, work in that job of said degree until we marry someone who probably graduated and did something similar with said degree, have children with said person, and live out our days in said conventional life.

But you are the writer of your own story, and you don’t have to go down the conventional path. The story of the unconventional path, “the road less taken”, is one with more risks, unknowns, and wayward. But it doesn’t have to be a scary one. I was extremely directionless after college and avoided jumping right into a career immediately. Instead, I booked one-way tickets around the world and discovered more about myself than I had in the 4 years of college I had just left behind me ( no shade SUNY Purchase). Since I had no direction, I was more receptive to the wisdom the world has to offer and travel offered insights I wouldn’t have experienced at home. I saw myself in different environments and was exposed to different mentalities, lifestyles, and histories that broadened my worldview. By taking the time to be directionless, I was able to connect with myself on a deeper level and discover the fundamentals of who I am and where I needed to grow.

In this talk, we will discuss how to travel affordably after college, how to be open and perceptive to new experiences, and have travel help you self-actualize.

Cultivating Women’s Creative Spaces

Women’s opportunities are still limited, even with all of the leaps and bounds women have made in the past 100 years we are still given fewer opportunities, silenced, harassed out of our jobs, and paid less. We need to give space to women who are able to be honest, supported, and encouraged to live their authentic life and that happens more in a community of women. Female only spaces allow opportunities for women to be heard and gain the tools and strength on how to navigate in a male-dominated world. We want to share stories of incredible women to show future generations the possibilities they have that their predecessors were denied.

This talk will discuss the issues still preventing women from leveling the professional playing field, the positive psychological, social, and economic benefits to female-only spaces for both genders, and how to create encouraging and supportive female-only spaces.

The Science of Podcasting

In a visual-heavy world,  why is podcasting so huge right now? Who just wants to sit and listen to someone talk about something? What does podcasting to on a psychological, social level that television, movies, and youtube don’t capture? How does podcasting tap into our ancient techniques of telling stories?

This talk will discuss what evolutionary elements of podcasting echo from our ancestors and how we can create podcasts that could have connected our caveman predecessors and resonate with our technologically advanced offspring.

Messy Spaces- How to Be Honest in a PC World

There is a cultural dissonance between generations in the age of the Internet. The boomers don’t understand why millennials are so darn sensitive?! Everything is ” politically correct” now! Whereas the millennials have to warn their POC partner of their ” racist” grandma or complain of sexual harassment in the workplace with an older boss. How can we create spaces where people can discuss large issues at had such as sexuality, identity, race politics, and cultural sensitivities without upsetting each other?

This talk will discuss how we can create an educational and messy space for people to express their ideas, questions, or ignorances in a safe and honest space. We need to create spaces where people can work through their ideas before a million people bully or self-righteously correct them on social media platforms.