Adrien Behn loves planting herself into thorny conversations. She finds herself most comfortable there.

She was a lost soul after college and decided to pack her bags and has since traveled to 30 countries as a solo female backpacker by the age of 25. She desires to hit every country before she dies ( with modern medicine, she still has plenty of time). She finds that the world often has more to teach us about ourselves and how the world actually works than staying in the familiarity of home. She has found that the conversations she has had with strangers have been just as impactful as the ones with her childhood friends. She wants to encourage a new generation to reach their full potential by being bold enough to break from the conventional path and experiment with who they are.

Adrien accidentally found a way to unite her dual degrees of Psychology & Gender Studies with her love of storytelling through podcasting and has self-produced her first podcast Strangers Abroad. 

It is a series of conversations she had with strangers she met while backpacking throughout Latin America for 5 months, overlapped with her personal stories about being a woman who travels alone.

She especially wants to encourage a space for people to hear stories about the multitudes and complexities of the female experience.  She wants to create a platform where people can listen to the stories of fearless women who have thrown off the yoke of gender expectations and are fiercely going after a life they are creating for themselves.

She wants to encourage others, across cultures, to connect with themselves through travel and believes that can be done best through storytelling. 

She wants to create platforms for people who are often silenced or have their stories told for them. She aspires to have honest, messy conversations where people can experiment and test out thoughts and ideas without judgment.  Her work aspires to blend self-growth and storytelling. She is intentional about creating a space where people can explore, experiment, and discover who they are without judgment. She serves people who want to tell their own story and who don’t always have the voice to be heard: everyone’s story is worth telling. All of her projects have the humanitarian intent to show how similar humans are to one another while relishing in the rich diversity of the world. 

She has the humble aspiration of being the most interesting woman in the world.